AMD Unveils Game-Changing Ryzen AI 300 Series

Every major tech event is now expected to include some significant AI announcements. Currently, Computex is underway, with leading companies showcasing their latest innovations. Among them is AMD, which has just unveiled its groundbreaking Ryzen AI 300 Series of processors.

This new series is specifically tailored for AI applications, reflecting the growing emphasis on on-device AI in the tech industry. We’ve witnessed the integration of on-device AI in smartphones like the Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S24, and now computers are following suit.

AMD introduces its cutting-edge Ryzen AI 300 Series of processors, comprising two models. First up is the AMD AI 9 HX 365, featuring 10 cores and 20 threads, with a substantial cache of 34MB and a TDP ranging from 15 to 54 watts. Notably, it boasts 50 TOPs for the NPU and is complemented by AMD Radeon 880M Graphics.

While this is the entry-level model, it’s still a robust processor designed to power the new Microsoft Copilot+ PCs, promising extensive on-device AI capabilities.

Moving to the higher-end variant, we have the AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370, which shares some specifications with its counterpart, including the 50 TOPs and the 15-54W TDP. However, it offers enhanced performance with 12 cores, 24 threads, a 36MB cache, and AMD Radeon 890 Graphics. Expectedly, this model is positioned for more premium computers and is anticipated to excel in on-device AI tasks.

AMD has provided comparative charts showcasing the superiority of its new chips over competitors. In one instance, the AMD chips are pitted against the Intel Core Ultra 185H, revealing substantial disparities in multitasking and 3D rendering capabilities.

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