Microsoft Plans to Expand AI Capabilities for LinkedIn with ‘Copilot’

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, which already features AI assistants for both users and recruiters, is reportedly planning to enhance its AI computing resources for a new initiative dubbed “LinkedIn Copilot.” The term “Copilot” is used by Microsoft to describe its AI chatbots integrated into various services like Microsoft 365 and GitHub.

According to an internal document cited by Business Insider, LinkedIn is listed among existing Copilot services, which include GitHub, Security, and Azure. While the exact nature of LinkedIn Copilot remains unclear, the planned AI computing resources suggest the company aims to expand AI functionality on the platform by introducing more advanced AI tools, as per a source familiar with the plans.

AI Features on LinkedIn

In February, LinkedIn launched a suite of AI-powered features designed to enhance the networking experience. These include the ability to use AI to generate text for initiating conversations. This feature, available to Premium subscribers, helps draft messages by incorporating information from both the sender’s and recipient’s profiles.

For recruiters, LinkedIn unveiled AI-driven tools to help identify the right candidates by allowing them to ask questions in natural language. Additionally, the platform introduced AI capabilities for marketing professionals, enabling them to swiftly create ad campaigns.

Currently, recruiters utilize filters, keywords, and search techniques to sift through LinkedIn’s extensive database of over 950 million members. While the majority of these members use the platform for free, LinkedIn generates significant revenue by offering premium services to recruiters and sales professionals, granting them access to advanced data and search functionalities.

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