2024 Rubicon Jeep Price in Canada, Colors, Specs, And Features

Rubicon Jeep Price in Canada starts at CAD 57,740.

Rubicon Jeep Price in Canada With Variants

VariantStarting MSRP (CAD)
Sport S$59,140
Black Edition$60,290
Unlimited Sport S$63,640
High Altitude$68,340

Rubicon Jeep Price in All States of Canada

Province/TerritoryStarting MSRP (CAD)
British Columbia$60,140
New Brunswick$60,440
Newfoundland and Labrador$62,440
Nova Scotia$60,640
Northwest Territories$61,340
Prince Edward Island$60,740
Yukon Territory$61,940

Rubicon Jeep Colors

Bright WhiteAll variantsStandard
BlackAll variantsStandard
Granite Crystal MetallicAll variantsStandard
Sting-Gray Metallic Clear CoatAll variantsStandard
Snazzberry PearlAll variantsStandard
High VelocityAll variantsStandard
GobiAll variantsStandard
EarlAll variantsStandard
Hydro Blue PearlAll variantsStandard
Redical RedAll variantsStandard
Sarge Green MetallicAll variantsStandard
Anvil Gray Clear CoatSahara and Sport S onlySpecial Edition
Silver Zenith MetallicBlack Edition onlyExclusive
Nacho OrangeUnlimited onlySpecial Edition
Tuscadero MetallicUnlimited onlySpecial Edition
Hella YellaUnlimited onlySpecial Edition

Rubicon Jeep Mileage

ModelFuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined)Notes
2-Door Rubicon16 mpg / 19 mpg / 17 mpgStandard 3.6L V6, 6-speed manual
2-Door Rubicon 4xe22 mpg (electric + gas) / 28 mpg / 25 mpgPlug-in hybrid, 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder + electric motor
4-Door Rubicon Unlimited15 mpg / 18 mpg / 16 mpgStandard 3.6L V6, 8-speed automatic
4-Door Rubicon Unlimited 4xe20 mpg (electric + gas) / 25 mpg / 22 mpgPlug-in hybrid, 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder + electric motor

Rubicon Jeep Top-Speed

ModelEstimated Top Speed (mph)Notes
2-Door Rubicon (3.6L V6)100-110Aerodynamic limitations
2-Door Rubicon 4xe95-105Similar limitations as regular model
4-Door Rubicon Unlimited (3.6L V6)90-100Increased weight impacting speed
4-Door Rubicon Unlimited 4xe90-100Similar limitations as regular model

Rubicon Jeep Features

Off-Road ProwessRock-Trac® 4×4 SystemCommand-Trac® or Selec-Trac® transfer case options for optimal traction in different conditions.
Dana 44 Solid AxlesHeavy-duty axles for increased strength and durability when tackling tough terrain.
Electronic Locking DifferentialsFront and rear differentials lock for maximum traction on challenging obstacles.
Tru-Lok® Electronic Locking Differential (Optional)Provides superior traction on the rear axle for extreme off-road situations.
33-inch Off-Road TiresStandard all-terrain tires for superior grip and handling on various surfaces.
Fox® High-Performance ShocksEnhanced suspension dampening for smoother ride and better control over uneven terrain.
High Ground ClearanceUp to 10.1 inches of ground clearance allows for navigating obstacles easily.
Water Fording CapabilityCan wade through up to 30 inches of water.
Trail Rated® BadgeEarned after passing rigorous tests in five categories: traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance.
Performance & Power3.6L V6 EngineStandard 285-horsepower engine delivers ample power for both on-road and off-road adventures.
2.0L Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine (4xe models)Powerful and fuel-efficient hybrid option with 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.
8-Speed Automatic TransmissionStandard on most models, offering smooth and responsive gear changes.
6-Speed Manual Transmission (Optional)Available on 2-door models for enthusiasts seeking a more engaging driving experience.
Comfort & ConvenienceRemovable Roof and DoorsOpen-air experience with easy removal of roof panels and doors for a true connection with nature.
Foldable WindshieldLay the windshield flat for an even more immersive open-air experience.
Waterproof InteriorsWater-resistant seats and flooring make cleaning up after adventures a breeze.
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate ControlMaintain individual comfort settings for driver and passenger.
Uconnect® Infotainment SystemTouchscreen interface with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility provides navigation, entertainment, and vehicle information.
Premium Sound System (Optional)Upgrade your audio experience with a powerful sound system for music and podcasts on the go.
Safety & SecurityForward Collision WarningAlerts you to potential frontal collisions and can automatically apply brakes in emergencies.
Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic AlertWarns of vehicles in your blind spots and when backing out of a parking space.
Lane Departure WarningAlerts you if you drift out of your lane unintentionally.
Advanced Airbag SystemComprehensive airbag system helps protect driver and passengers in case of a collision.

Rubicon Jeep Specs

CategorySpec2-Door4-Door Unlimited
Engine3.6L V63.6L V6, 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder (4xe)
Horsepower285 hp285 hp
Torque260 lb-ft260 lb-ft, 470 lb-ft (4xe)
Transmission6-speed Manual, 8-speed Automatic8-speed Automatic
Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined)16/19/17 (3.6L Manual), 15/18/16 (3.6L Automatic)15/18/16 (3.6L), 20/25/22 (4xe)
Seating Capacity55
Cargo Space (Behind Rear Seats)17.2 cu ft17.2 cu ft
Cargo Space (With Rear Seats Folded)72.4 cu ft84.7 cu ft
Ground Clearance10.1 inches10.1 inches
Water Fording Capability30 inches30 inches
Curb Weight4,224 lbs (3.6L Manual), 4,341 lbs (3.6L Automatic)4,599 lbs (3.6L), 5,056 lbs (4xe)
Towing Capacity3,500 lbs (3.6L), 7,000 lbs (4xe)3,500 lbs (3.6L), 6,000 lbs (4xe)
Off-Road Capability– Legendary Rock-Trac® 4×4 system– Fuel economy suffers off-road
– Outstanding ground clearance and articulation– Maneuverability on tight trails can be challenging
– Rugged design for navigating harsh terrain– Large tires generate road noise
Performance & Power– Powerful 3.6L V6 engine or efficient 4xe hybrid option– Lower towing capacity compared to some competitors
– 8-speed automatic or engaging 6-speed manual transmission– Not designed for high-speed performance
Comfort & Convenience– Open-air experience with removable roof and doors– Interior can be noisy with roof and doors off
– Waterproof seating and flooring for easy cleaning– Limited cargo space with rear seats up
– Uconnect® infotainment system with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™– Some interior materials could feel less premium
Safety & Security– Advanced driver-assistance features– Safety features may not be available on all trim levels
– Solid construction and rollover protection– Higher center of gravity can increase risk of rollovers
Overall– Iconic design and heritage– Price can be high, especially with options
– Unmatched off-road capability and versatility– Not the most practical or comfortable daily driver

Rubicon Jeep Reviews and Ratings

Car and Driver8/10“A capable off-roader with iconic style, but not the most comfortable or fuel-efficient choice.”Rock-Trac® 4×4, open-air experience, iconic designRough ride, lower fuel economy, higher price
Consumer Reports83/100“An iconic off-roader with strong performance and capability, but it’s loud and thirsty.”Off-road prowess, powerful engine, spacious cargo spaceRoad noise, fuel economy, unrefined interior
Kelley Blue Book8.4/10“A fun and capable off-roader with a loyal following, but it’s not for everyone.”Legendary off-road ability, removable roof and doors, versatilityPricey, lower fuel economy, not the smoothest ride
Edmunds7.8/10“A thrilling off-roader with personality, but it comes at a cost.”Exciting off-road performance, open-air fun, powerful engineHigh price, poor fuel economy, unrefined interior
MotorTrend7/10“A true off-road champion, but not the most practical daily driver.”Unmatched off-road capability, iconic design, powerful engineLower fuel economy, high price, noisy cabin

Rubicon Jeep FAQs

Q: What makes the Rubicon Jeep special?

A: The Rubicon is renowned for its unmatched off-road capability. It boasts features like the Rock-Trac® 4×4 system, high ground clearance, locking differentials, and rugged construction, making it conquer challenging terrain with ease. Additionally, its removable roof and doors offer an open-air experience and versatility.

Q: Is the Rubicon Jeep a good daily driver?

A: While capable for daily use, it’s not the most practical or comfortable option. Its fuel economy is lower, the cabin can be noisy with the roof off, and maneuverability can be challenging in tight spaces. However, if you prioritize off-road capability and adventure, it can still be a suitable daily driver.

Q: What are the different Rubicon models available?

A: There are two main body styles: 2-door and 4-door Unlimited. Within each, various trim levels offer different features and equipment packages. Popular choices include Sport, Sport S, Black Edition, Islander, Altitude, and High Altitude.

Q: How much does a Rubicon Jeep cost?

A: Prices vary depending on the model, trim level, options, and location. The starting MSRP for the 2024 model in Canada ranges from $57,740 for the 2-door Sport to $68,340 for the 4-door Unlimited High Altitude.

Q: What are the fuel economy ratings for the Rubicon Jeep?

A: Fuel economy varies depending on engine and transmission. The 3.6L V6 with the 8-speed automatic gets 15/18/16 mpg (City/Highway/Combined) for the 4-door Unlimited and 16/19/17 mpg for the 2-door with the 6-speed manual. The 4xe hybrid offers better fuel efficiency, with 20/25/22 mpg for the 4-door Unlimited.

Q: Is the Rubicon Jeep safe?

A: The Rubicon comes equipped with various safety features like forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warning. However, its higher center of gravity may increase the risk of rollovers. Always prioritize responsible driving practices and ensure passengers are properly secured.

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