From Hyderabad to Heartache: Man’s Life Cut Short in US Road Tragedy

Alakapuri, LB Nagar, Hyderabad, India – The Telugu community is reeling from yet another devastating loss as Abbaraju Pruthvi Raj, a resident of Alakapuri in LB Nagar, Hyderabad, tragically perished in a fatal road accident in North Carolina, USA.

Mr. Raj, who had been residing in the USA for eight years alongside his wife Sripriya, met with a harrowing end on Tuesday night when his vehicle collided with another amidst rainy conditions. Despite his efforts to alert authorities by exiting his car to dial emergency services, he was struck by a passing vehicle, resulting in his immediate demise.

Emergency responders swiftly confirmed Mr. Raj’s passing at the scene of the accident. His untimely death comes as a profound blow to his family, particularly his wife, who depended on him for support and now finds herself devastated by his sudden absence.

In addition to grappling with the loss of his father in previous years, Mr. Raj had been battling depression while striving to provide for his family, including his single mother and a sister awaiting marriage.

The tragedy underscores the challenges faced by many within the Telugu diaspora, highlighting the need for greater support networks and resources for those navigating life abroad. As the community mourns the loss of yet another cherished member, efforts to provide assistance and solace to Mr. Raj’s grieving loved ones are underway.

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